June 2015

  • 23 rdJun

    Here I am with crazy hair and I want to be totally honest with you

    life is beautiful and i am a part of it fitmalion


    Ok, I’m going to be totally honest and say that this email started off with ‘Happy Monday’ and was supposed to be sent last week on June 15th…!

    This will give you some idea of what frame of mind I’ve been in recently.

    Last week I received an email from someone telling me how she’d

  • 15 thJun

    You’re invited!

    Invite fitness instructor meet up

    At the beginning of 2014 I conducted a survey and hundreds of dance and fitness instructors took part.

    By far one of the biggest issues you had with being a fitness instructor was being lonely and feeling unsupported and undervalued.

    This site is one of the ways I’m giving you


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