For the love of fitness!

For the Love of Fitness! National Fitness Day

A few months ago I got a curious Facebook message from Hayley. She asked me if I had dance classes in London that she could come to and said that AJ had recommended me…

Curious because AJ teaches dance in London so I wasn’t quite sure why she was asking me.

Anyway, one Wednesday evening I was preparing to teach my classes at Danceworks in walks Hayley (I didn’t know at the time). I asked if we’d met before saying ‘I’ve definitely seen your face before, where have we met?’ and she said we hadn’t. Hmmm…

On we went with the classes: first Pound, so we thrashed out some banging tunes and toned up butt, legs and tummies. Then we stretched it out with VeraFlow and eventually after achieving complete relaxation I found out who Hayley was.

‘I knew I recognised your face!’ I said as Hayley explained that she had sent me that message on Facebook.

Hayley was scouting for instructors for the brand new Tribeca Studios opening soon in Ealing Broadway, London.

Tribeca is a new concept which will see 3 state of the art fitness studios all with distinct lighting, amazing sound, and top notch equipment.

I’ve seen the designs and it looks truly amazing. I can’t wait to get in that place and teach!

There are no monthly contracts – you only pay when you use it. Book classes at the click of a button and some sweet technology will do the rest.

Think one instructor can pump the room full of energy, well at Tribeca we’re going to have Instructor Mash-Ups which means you’ll get twice the energy and twice the fun – it’s just ridiculous.

***I’ll be teaching Zumba and VeraFlow on Thursdays and Diva and VeraFlow on Fridays. You can get 60% off TODAY ONLY (26 August 2015)! Use promo code NAOMI at and get one of a limited number of packs of 10 classes for only £4/class (60% off)***

Tribeca - Fitmalion Blog

Tribeca is a dedicated group fitness studio and I really hope to see more of them pop up around the country to join the likes of Slice and Frame.

But what really excites me about Tribeca is their desire to get the best instructors possible (check out their Facebook and Instagram for the instructor reveals!)

They understand that incredible instructors = loyal participants to rave about the classes to everyone they meet. It means participants will be immersed in this engaging experience and want to keep coming back for more.

This also means that the Tribeca team are going to treat us well :)

Something about the fitness industry that really bugs me – and a lot of other instructors according to the survey I carried out last year which hundreds of you participated in) is the terrible pay and treatment that instructors generally (not a always) get from gyms, health clubs and leisure centres.

The hourly pay for some instructors is not even enough to cover their expenses! It’s outrageous.

That’s why you hear countless dance and fitness instructors say they do it because they love it. It’s their passion.

Well, I say enough!

Dance and fitness instructors make a huge difference to peoples’ lives. According to the 2015 National Survey conducted by YouGov:

  • 91% of people say dance fitness is a great way to reduce stress,
  • 87% of women say it’s a great way to meet new people,
  • and to top it off it’s one of the most popular activities for women!

If your life has been changed by an instructor or a class that you’ve been to or still attend, give them a shout out in the comments below!

These classes give people a chance to get fit or stay fit in a fun and non-intimidating way. They create community, people build friendships and where they once felt lonely and felt like they didn’t belong, now they have a place where they feel great and have new friends! Women are suddenly able to fit into their beautiful wedding gowns and feel amazing about themselves. They can find an hour of time all for themselves to have fun and let it go!

Dance and fitness instructors make a huge difference to the lives of those in the communities around them and they deserve to be able to make a living out of the AMAZING JOB they do!

Do you agree?

Let’s do something about this!

Have you heard of Thunderclap? (Neither had I until a few days ago.)

Basically it gets a message out to many more people that if one person did it alone (i.e. me!)

This is how it works:
Go to this link
Click on ‘Support with…’ (and select Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr).

It’s as easy as that and takes a few seconds (yes, even for the technologically challenged!)

But, here’s the important part: we need at least 100 people
to support it otherwise the message will NOT go out!

The message is scheduled to go out on 9th September which is National Fitness Day.

If we reach 100 supporters the message will get shared in all those accounts – you can imagine the impact from that!

So, here’s the question, whether you are an instructor or you are someone who benefits from their classes, do you believe that dance and fitness instructors should be paid a fairer wage by gyms, health clubs and leisure centres?

If you’re answer is YES then support the Thunderclap now and share this with others!


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