Fitmalion Academy

Frustrated fitness instructors and dance teachers previously had nowhere to turn for specialised help for success.

Introducing Fitmalion Academy - inspired by Naomi and brought to you in partnership with Rebecca Clark, BA Hons MBA.

We like to be straight and upfront so the first thing we want to remind you is that:


Why should you care?
  • You don't want 'them' to be right. They told you this would never work and you should get a 'proper' job. You WANT this to work because you love it and you deserve to do what you are GREAT at and what you ENJOY.
    We promise that you can have STRESS-FREE SUCCESS by creating a fitness business that perfectly encapsulates you. A business that brings you JOY and FULFILMENT, that will earn you the money you want, need and DESERVE for being totally AWESOME at being you! And what’s more we want this for you as badly as you want it for yourself.
    We are fed up of hearing about the same issues: Clients lacking commitment to attend classes regularly; classes could be fuller; No time to find great music, learn new choreos and practise; little income for a lot of effort; difficulty in getting people to come to new classes; people not appreciative of you; being let down; expensive licenses and training; missing out on family time... We could go on!
  • The great news is that these are all 'problems' that are completely solvable! You are short on time and you want results. With Fitmalion Academy you can pick and choose from our short, interactive and results-driven online courses as and when you choose. Or you can choose to get a complete bundle of modules suited to you.
    There are no time pressures and there is no heavy reading.
    Our three main courses packed with exciting and bite-sized modules will be:
    Kickstart Pack for Newbies
    Bit on the Side
    Pro Instructor Package

    To get you started we're offering 3 foundational modules: Get Real! Get Clients! and Get Paid! Then get ready for an explosion of instructor goodness to keep you flying high! Oh, and we would recommend that you take the modules in that order, but of course you can choose another way if you want.
    Are you ready to GET MOVING?
  • Get Clients!
    Get Clients!
    Who are your clients? What do they want? How can you get them into your classes? How does all this fit with what you want?
  • Get Paid!
    Get Paid!
    What do you want to be offering? Live classes, events, online videos, streamed classes...? How can you package these up to reach your clients? How does all this fit with what you want?
  • Get Real!
    Get Real!
    What do you really want? What's in this fitness business for you? What do you want to create in your life? How do you want to feel? And how can you actually make all this happen? This is the foundation for everything else you will do. Ever!
Client love
  • Naomi gave me the confidence to be who I am


    “I hope I’m as inspirational to my clients as you are to yours! I learnt how to get my personality across through my business. I’ve found that confidence and positivity attracts clients and business. Which is great! Naomi is an inspiration and she gave me the confidence to be who I am.”

  • She finds a way to connect and communicate with us all


    “Naomi is ACE! She finds ways to connect and communicate with us all on our level, is genuine with a passion for dance fitness that inspired me and drives me and my business forward. Her energy in teach mode is infectious!”

  • Clarity and focus for transformed advertising and marketing strategies


    “Naomi has helped me to clarify what I want and need from my business in order to achieve my goals. In specific terms: why am I doing this? Who are the clients I need? And, where do I find them? It has helped me to widen my thinking and re-frame my advertising and marketing strategies more effectively. I am a champion procrastinator and setting a deadline of things to do before our next session, has made me focus on actually getting those things done on time.”

    Annette Barber
  • Much more confident and relaxed


    “I realised who I am and my true strength during my coaching sessions with Naomi. I am now a much more confident and relaxed person since I decided to give up the idea of being someone else rather than being me.”

    Yang XuLondon
  • Small steps to achieve the plan


    “As someone who runs classes not as a main job I often feel I don’t put enough thought into my business ‘plan’ and find myself being reluctant to start as it can feel a bit overwhelming. I found the business workshop really helpful in getting me to think about the overall plan and take small steps to achieve this. Thank you so much!”

    Alicia RayCornwall
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