The best way to get a six pack!

Because I'm happy!

Have you had a great week? Did you make it to Believe 2015 on Saturday?

I had such a great time there and hope you did too if you made it. If you didn’t definitely try to get there next year.

I was chatting to a fellow fitness presenter as we stood side of stage and she asked me if it felt weird to be there.

I have to say, it was weird because I felt GREAT! I didn’t have any feelings of wishing I was still a ZES and at the same time didn’t have any negative feelings.

I definitely didn’t have any of the worries that come with being in the ‘public’ eye – will they like my routines, will they think I look good, will they be wishing that someone else is on stage instead of me, will they think that so-and-so is better than me, should I have done this track instead…?!

I DIDN’T CARE ONE LITTLE BIT! I put zero pressure on myself to be or do anything. Not because I didn’t care about the people in front of me, but because I felt confident in who I was and went out with an expectation to simply have a fantastic and fun time! And I did!

It got me thinking about being happy – it’s a kind of theme recently, not that I am unhappy, just that we all seem to search for happiness or have it as some kind of goal, but don’t necessarily realise that we can have a say in our own happiness.

Last week we went to see Minions at the cinema and laughed and laughed and laughed. It was the kind of laughter when you really don’t care what anyone thinks of you or if anyone hears you! There may even have been some snorting going on! Have you seen it?

But I did notice that the people in front were not really laughing… or not really as much as us.

Maybe we’re just big kids… or maybe we went with a different expectation or attitude or were just in a different mood.

If I think about it, sometimes I can watch things that are hilarious and not even laugh at all… and other times I can watch the same thing and be laughing huge belly laughs!

So, I do think that we have some say in how much we enjoy any given occasion.

What do you think? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

On a side note, I don’t think that how much you laugh is a measure of your happiness but I think it’s a great way of expressing happiness and also can make you feel happy too :) Plus don’t forget that laughing is the BEST way to get a six pack!!


I did not make it to FitPro Live or to the ZIN Academy. It would be great to hear your experience if you did make it. What stood out the most for you? What was missing? What did you enjoy the most? And what made you belly laugh?!

If YOU did go to either or both events please share your experience in the comments below so we can all read about it.


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Have a week full of HAPPINESS!


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