What are you doing to stay ahead of the competition?

What are you doing to get ahead of the competition?

Are you back into the swing of things now? I’m not going to talk about the cliché goals and plans for 2016… I’m sure you’ve been bombarded with messages about that already, right?!


When I was in Sydney during October last year I happened upon a Mind, Body, Wellness expo. To be honest it wasn’t exactly what I expected and there wasn’t a lot that resonated with me (there was a lot of clairvoyance and other similar activities… and some weird ‘stress detector’ machine…). There was one stand if I’m honest where I stopped and actually bought something. But I’m not going to talk about that.


The only other item I left the expo with was a freebie: Hay House publishers were giving away a free book to everyone. It took me a while to decide which book to take. My suitcase was jam-packed full and the thought of trying to squeeze in a large book put me off the one I really wanted… but the assistant saw me trying to decide and heartily recommended the one I wanted, so I took it. And boy am I glad I did!


It’s one of those books I will keep coming back to so I can fully understand and implement everything. It totally resonates with me and if you’ve ever read my emails you’ll totally understand: It’s called ‘Authentic Success‘ (Robert Holden, Ph.D.).


I’m sure I’ll be sharing lots of nuggets from this book but today it’s all about competition.


In the fitness industry feeling like you’re in competition with other instructors seems to be the norm. I very often hear other instructors tell me about another instructor who is encroaching on their territory or undercutting or poaching their students… It’s got a negative meaning in our world.


But what if ‘Your success depends on the success of others’?


Are you trying to ‘beat’ other instructors? To be the ‘winner’? Going it alone means missing out on the power of relationships and blocks opportunities for mutual support, the potential for sharing and learning as well as possibilities for creative collaboration.


As, Robert Holden says, those who go it alone are ‘afraid to receive help because it feels like failure. They are reluctant to accept support because it feels like cheating. They don’t want to join forces because it doesn’t feel like a victory.’


But competing ‘against’ others leads to conflicts and struggle. Competing ‘with’ other instructors can mean giving credit to others for challenging you the most or spurring you on to greater success.


Ultimately I don’t think you want to be any more stressed out than the next person and living in a way that causes struggle and conflict is only going to cause more stress and possibly a sour taste for what is (or was) your passion.


Allow the ‘power of the whole to support all the parts.’ In other words let’s come together as fitness professionals, or even as smaller sub-groups (VeraFlow Instructors / Zumba instructors / Pilates instructors / Yoga Instructors / Personal trainers.. etc) and work together for the success of the whole group.


What are some ways you could cultivate relationships with other instructors? Perhaps you could get a group together, hire a studio for a few hours and spend some time getting creative?Perhaps for you it means working together with other instructors to form a group (perhaps even a co-operative) and working together to provide and excellent alternative to the gym for your local area.


Maybe you have others that you’d like to share. If so leave a comment below so that everyone can benefit from sharing ideas.


In the spirit of working together and sharing here are a couple of events you might be interested in attending:

FitCamps Mind n Body Event

FitCamps Mind Body Weekender at Ribby Hall

FitCamps Mind n Body is coming to Ribby Hall. A special event devoted to Pilates, Yoga, mindfulness and dance. Over the years our mind and body following has grown and grown. Come join Michael King, Lydia Campbell and many others for two days to re-energise, inspire and update you with this fab event. VeraFlow will be there too!


Farnham Dance Fitness Weekender

Farnham Dance Fitness Weekender

Check out the following Dance Fitness Weekender… Beautiful spa hotel, access to spa for 2 days, fitness classes, wellbeing classes, motivational speakers, party night. A great weekend to relax, unwind, get pumped up, relax again and have a great time with friends!

Oh, and I’ll be there with VeraFlow!


Wishing that you’re clear in what you want in every aspect of your life, on why you want it and that you have a massive plan to go and get it. Wishing you an incredible 2016 full of success and happiness.



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