What do you use?

Multitasking fitness instructor

This week I wanted to tell you about some time-saving tools I use for social media and perhaps in return you can tell us about any you happen to use and think are awesome.

1. Canva

Canva lets you design and create images for all kind of things, from social media posts to blog post pictures, to infographics, posters, business cards, invitations…. pretty much anything and everything that needs an image!

I’d highly recommend you use it and very soon they’ll be launching Canva for Work which will enable you to build a really strong brand: definitely register for early access here.


2. CoSchedule

If you write a blog or like to publish your posts across different platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Pinterest and LinkedIN then take a look at CoSchedule. An absolute favourite of mine.

Ever wondered how I can schedule posts when I am teaching?! No, I have not mastered the art of multi-tasking whilst getting people relaxed and stretched in a VeraFlow class 😉


3. Publish – On Twitter & Instagram

(weirdly their website is called gettakeoff.com)
Unfortunately CoSchedule doesn’t post to Instagram so I am trying out a couple of different ones for that. One of which is this app (you can’t do it from the computer… not sure I like that.) This means I can set up Instagram posts to automatically schedule at times that should get me the most views.

We’ll see.
So far it hasn’t won me over on the suggested hash tags which were green grass for VeraFlow..?!! Hmmm


4. This Girl Can app

The #thisgirlcan campaign is still going strong and you can use it your advantage. Use the smartphone app to create your own This Girl Can poster and you could see it around a city near you!!

Here’s one of mine:

This Girl Can VeraFlow Naomi Di Fabio


As an instructor you can take such advantage of the power of social media to market to those around you.


But it does mean that you can get trapped on Facebook and Instagram for hours leaving you feeling tired and as if you’ve wasted so much time!

So, take advantage of great tools like these to make your brand look awesome and to save you a ton of time.


Do you have a favourite social media tool? Let us know about it in the comments below.


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